The wee Scottish literature quiz for Bookworms

 The wee Scottish literature quiz for Bookworm

Happy Burns Night to all the Scottish people out there!

Tonight the Scots are celebrating their national poet Robert Burns – A guy who is largely regarded as the national poet of Scotland! Even though he died when he was only 37, Mr Burns (not the guy from the Simpsons!) wrote and collected a large number of great poems and songs. His work is still read/sung today and not just in Scotland!

To join in on the celebrations (because why not?! I’m sure the Scots won’t mind us honouring their famous poet!), I have created a wee quiz for everyone who wants to test their knowledge about stuff related to Scottish literature (in the widest sense).

So please feel free to give it a go, and I would love to hear how much of an expert you are on random Scottish literature trivia!

  1. Which book by Scottish author Irvine Welsh was made into a popular film in the 1990s?
    a.   Braveheart
    b.   Trainspotting
    c.   Shallow Grave
  2. What is the name of the coffee shop in Edinburgh where J. K. Rowling wrote a large part of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone?
    a.   The White Dove
    b.   The elephant house
    c.   Giraffe Coffee Club
  3. When was the famous novel Ivanhoe by Scottish author Sir Walter Scott published?
    a.   1820
    b.   1831
    c.   1842
  4. Which famous detective was created by a Scot?
    a.    Miss Marple
    b.   Sherlock Holmes
    c.   Inspector Morse
  5. What famous children’s book by Scottish author Kenneth Grahame features talking animals
    a.   Watership Down
    b.   Charlotte’s web
    c.   The wind in the willows
  6. How many poems and songs did Burns write in his short lifetime?
    a.   More than 150
    b.   More than 350
    c.   More than 550
  7. What are the names of Wendy’s two brothers in the famous play and novel Peter Pan by Scottish author J. M. Barrie?
    a.   John and Matthew
    b.  John and Michael
    c.   John and David
  8. What is the name of the Detective Inspector from Scottish author Ian Rankin’s popular novels?
    a.   John Barnaby
    b.   John Rebus
    c.   Jack Frost
  9. What is the name of the Scottish author of Treasure Island and Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde?
    a.   Daniel Defoe
    b.   Herman Melville
    c.   Robert Louis Stevenson
  10. What kind of flower is mentioned in Robert Burns’ poem (and song) “Auld Lang Syne” which is often sung at Hogmanay (the last day of the year)? You get an extra 10 points of awesomeness if you know the Scottish word!
    a.   Daisy
    b.   Rose
    C.   Sunflower

The wee Scottish literature quiz for Bookworm - landscape


1: B,   2: B,   3: A,   4: B,   5: C,   6: C,   7: B,   8: B,   9: C,   10: A – the Scottish word is Gowan!

The flying Scotsman – 10 questions correct
Wow, you got all the questions right. Impressive! Congratulations, you are even more of an expert on Scottish literature stuff than some Scots!

It’s in the bag (-pipes)! – 9 to 5 questions correct
Not bad! You got most of the questions right, and that’s really well done considering some of them were pretty random! You could pass for a Scottish bookworm!

It’s a lang road that’s not goat a turnin – 4 to 2 questions correct
So you had a few wrong answers, but it could have been worse! You might not be able to pass for a Scottish bookworm, but you won’t be totally clueless if you end up chatting to one!

Failing means you’re playing – 1 to 0 questions correct
Scottish literature stuff doesn’t seem to be your thing… And that’s okay. At least after this quiz, you now know 10 pretty random things that you didn’t know before!


(I considered writing the post in a Scottish tone but had to abandon that idea because I’m nowhere near proficient enough to do that – the one sentence I tried to construct ended up sounding like a pirate statement… 😂)


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