Top 5 reasons why libraries are beyond awesome

top 5 reasons why libraries are beyond awesome

Libraries (aka small pockets of heaven on earth) are one of my favourite places to go, especially when life is proving to be a bit of a challenge. They pick me up just by being there for me when I need a tranquil break, and I’m sure I’m not the only bookworm seeking shelter there! There’s just something about being surrounded by beautiful books that makes your soul happy.

Libraries - Magical places where bookworms go to lose themselves in a thousand dreams. A Little Blue Book

Below I’ve compiled a little list with 5 reasons why I think libraries are so amazing.


1. They are like a restaurant!
5 reasons why libraries are beyond awesome
One of the great things about libraries is that you can enjoy your book there or take it to go! If you simply can’t wait to begin a book (hey, it happens!), you can just sit down in one of the cosy reading nooks which are usually dotted around these places, OR you can fill your bag with books and then read them at home.

2. They are free!
5 reasons why libraries are beyond awesomeWhere else can you be surrounded by so many books without anyone having an expectation that you buy some?

3. They are quiet!
5 reasons why libraries are beyond awesomeWhether they are big or small, libraries are quiet places – not creepy quiet like a graveyard at night or an abandoned house, though! Some might find the quiet oppressing, but I love it! It’s the perfect place to catch your breath and let your mind run free.

4. They know everything!
5 reasons why libraries are beyond awesome
Want to knit a pair of dotted socks? Or build a purple tree house? Your local library probably has a couple of books (give or take a few hundred) that will show you how to do it! And like the libraries themselves, the librarians are a treasure trove of information, so if you’re looking for anything new to read, they should be able to help you with that too!

5.They are full of like-minded people!
5 reasons why libraries are beyond awesomeLibraries are like members’ clubs for people who love books. They don’t discriminate – any and all bookworms are welcome – just bring your ‘membership card’ and you can access their vast resources for free!

5 reasons why libraries are beyond awesome

Have I forgotten any awesome reason(s) why libraries are great? And which one of the reasons above is your favourite thing about libraries?

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