Top 10 reasons why bookworms need understanding partners

Top 10 reasons why bookworms need understanding partners

In every relationship there needs to be an element of understanding from both partners when it comes to each other’s little quirks – otherwise, a relationship just won’t work. However, bookworms may test their partner’s patience in some rather unusual ways if our significant other doesn’t share the same passion for books.

If you’ve got someone special in your life, you will likely recognise some (if not all!) of the below reasons why you may be driving your partner slightly crazy when it comes to your love of books. Luckily, we all know that bookworms are some pretty amazing people who more than make up for our little quirks!

Top 10 reasons why bookworms need understanding partners
1. You need at least half of the living room to store your books – there isn’t any more room left on your bookshelves in the bedroom, the kitchen or anywhere else!

2. “I’m just quickly going to the bookstore” – eventually they’ll learn that this actually means you’ll be gone for the next three hours – at least!

3. Coming home from grocery shopping with everything on your list + five new books (they were on sale!).

4. Having toast for dinner because reading the last three chapters in your book was more important than cooking.

5. Watching a movie that’s based on a book you’ve read and pointing out all the differences to your significant other.

Top 10 reasons why bookworms need understanding partners

6. Providing your significant other with constant updates on the book you’re reading because you can’t spoil it for your friends, but you have to tell SOMEONE what just happened in chapter 12!

7. Reading until 4am because you just can’t put your book down until you’ve finished it.

8. When you’re sad (or suddenly burst out in tears) because your favourite character just died in the book you’re reading.

9. Needing an extra suitcase when you go on holiday – just to carry the few books you’ll need if your e-reader breaks down whilst you’re away!

10. Including a sightseeing tour of the local library/bookshop whenever you and your significant other go somewhere new.

Top 10 reasons why bookworms need understanding partners

Does some (or all) of the above sound familiar? And are there other reasons why partners should be understanding when it comes to your undying love of literature? Do let me know which ones I’ve forgotten by sharing them in the comments below!

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