Fighting Gods and Finding Love

This story is set in the Casey Hamilton world. It can be read as a standalone, but if you want the whole background story, I recommend that you start with A Draining Affair followed by Trouble in China Town.

This story follows Ying – not Casey – on her latest case.

Fighting Gods and Finding Love

Chapter 1

I was working my way through one of the many case files on my desk when the pressure in the air changed. It was subtle at first; like walking outside just before a storm, but the pressure continued to build. Something was filling the air with magic. Strong magic. I looked towards the entrance, thinking […]

Fighting Gods and Finding Love - Chapter 2

Chapter 2

I pulled up to a giant warehouse in serious need of some TLC. The big, rusty monstrosity looked particularly ominous in the light from the fading sun. It was located in the middle of a vast industrial wasteland which seemed to have been abandoned a long time ago. Everywhere, small steel and concrete buildings were […]

Fighting Gods and Finding Love - Chapter 3

Chapter 3

I grabbed two knives from my belt and crunched down to make myself smaller in case anything tried to jump me. The darkness was impenetrable. The growling continued as I waited for something to happen. Nothing did. Slowly my eyes began to adjust to the darkness: shapes in various shades of grey appeared around me. […]

Fighting Gods and Finding Love - Chapter 4

Chapter 4

I hadn’t taken more than two steps into the room before the giant monster decided I would make the perfect snack. With a savage howl, he flew at me with lips pulled back from his awfully sharp-looking teeth. Instinct kicked in and pushed everything out of the way. Not thoughts, no feelings – just pure […]