Chapter 6

Eyeing it warily, I slowly walked closer.
The ghost waited patiently for me to approach her. “Good evening.” She bowed to me. “I believe you have something that belongs to me. Please give it back, and I will disappear.” Her voice sounded insubstantial like the wind.
“So you can come back and kill more people? I think not.” My thoughts were racing. I had the rope, and she clearly wanted it back, but how did I stop her?
“No, I will go and never come back.”
“Sorry, but I don’t believe you.”
Her eyes flashed and an angry hiss escaped her lips, revealing a mouth full of sharp-looking fangs.
Before I had a chance to brace myself, she jumped me and tried to pull the rope from my arms. I held on and managed to punch her in the stomach. Oblivious to my attack, she hissed like an angry snake and kept scratching my arms in her attempt to free the rope. I tried to kick her away, but she gave me a shove, and I ended up on the ground. Quickly hooking my leg around hers, I pulled her down as well.
Someone was shouting something in Chinese behind me, but I was too busy keeping the ghost woman’s claw-like nails from scratching out my eyes.
“I can’t believe I’m doing this shit again.” I snapped, thinking back to the fight with the skin-walker a week ago.
I suddenly tasted blood in my mouth, and my lower lip was hurting like hell. Pissed off, I grabbed her long loose hair. “Will you stop it! Stop it right now, you evil bitch!”
A painfully bright flash exploded in front of me, and with a gasp, I tried to protect my poor eyes. For five seconds I couldn’t see anything besides a pure white light. When my sight returned, the first thing I saw was the frozen expression on the ghost’s face. She was perched above me like a statue.
Freaking out, I pushed her off of me and crawled away. She lay in the grass, unmoving.
“What the f-“
“You did it! You stopped her!” Cheering voices erupted around me, and I watched as the man, from the house I had just been to, walked over and helped me up.
“What happened?” I kept eyeing the ghost, expecting her to suddenly come back to her supernatural life.
The girl’s dad looked at the ghost. “You stopped her. You stopped her with your white light.”
“My what?”
He pointed to my right hand. “When you grabbed her and told her to stop, there was a white light, and she died. You stopped her. Now we just have to wait until the sun rises. Then she will be gone for good.”
I looked at my hand. It didn’t look different, and it sure didn’t look like it could freeze ghosts. The diamond ring which I had gotten during my last case glinted innocently. Maybe that was the hero here? “Sorry, what do you mean by the sunlight thing?”
The man looked back at the ghost. “Evil spirits are creatures of the night. The ghost woman will die a true death when sunlight comes.” He gave me a smile. “Thank you for saving my daughter.”
“Don’t mention it.” I wasn’t quite sure how to handle his gratitude, so instead, I decided to ask him something that had puzzled me all day. “Could you possibly tell me why nobody said anything about the ghost when I was here earlier – if you don’t mind?”
He nodded. “To be honest, we weren’t sure what was actually happening. There are old legends that mention suicide ghosts, but most of us thought that they were only stories. And how many people would believe us if we started to speak about ghosts that kill?”
“You would be surprised to know just how much supernatural PIs will believe. My colleagues and I have seen some pretty unbelievable things.”
“That is good to know. If anything mysterious happens here again, we know where to go.”
The girl’s grandparents walked up to me and thanked me too. Others followed, and soon it seemed like the whole community had turned up to see what was happening.
I didn’t want all the attention because I wasn’t sure what I had actually done. I wasn’t even sure I had stopped the ghost.
The woman still lay unmoving in the grass, but I couldn’t leave until I had made sure that the sunlight would dispose of her.
When the first weak rays of sunlight started climbing towards us, the ghost was still completely solid despite the fact that the effect of the Solid-Spirit potion should have worn off ages ago.
I was still holding the rope when the sunlight hit the ghost. I don’t know what I expected, but seeing her slowly fade away until there was nothing left hadn’t been it. The rope also vanished, but a long, thin, blue line on my arm remained. Looked like I had gotten yet another souvenir from a case.
As quickly as I could, I said farewell to all the people who had turned up and made my way to the car. When I got there, a familiar face greeted me from inside the luxurious interior.

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