Chapter 5

Completely taken by surprise, I scrambled after her but stopped at the door. Should I wake everyone up and tell them I needed access to their house because I had just seen a killer ghost go through their door? They might believe me, but chances were that they wouldn’t.
With adrenaline pumping through my body, I looked around and spotted a window. A low wall ran along the side of the house, directly beneath it.
Quickly, and with an appalling lack of grace, I scrambled up the wall and looked inside. A living room was visible, but no ghost. Feeling panic set in, I spotted another window further up. Taking a deep breath, I jumped and managed to grab hold of the window ledge. With a lot of effort, I then drag myself up enough so I could peek into the room in front of me.
It was a children’s room. Toys were placed in a big chest along the wall, and a small bed with pink covers revealed a sleeping form.
On one of the rafters above sat the ghost. The woman was looking at the bed, and the malicious expression on her face made my hair stand on end.
I was still struggling to get my foot on the ledge when a strong feeling of despair blasted me. It seemed to come from inside the room, and it almost knocked me off the ledge.
Clinging to the thin piece of wood, I watched as the form on the bed began to move. A familiar face peeked out from under the covers, and as I tried to pull myself up, I saw the young girl from the forest edge get out of her bed. Her eyes seemed to be unseeing, and she walked like she was in some kind of trance.
The ghost kept watching her as the girl pulled out a skipping rope from the toy chest and then closed the lid. As the child climbed up on the chest, the woman had crawled closer to her and grabbed the skipping rope from the girl. The ghost started tying a noose and then began to bind the rope to the rafter.
“Oh no, you don’t!” With a massive heave that left me breathless, I pulled myself up on the ledge and broke the glass. Shielding my face, I jumped through the window and landed in a pool of glass shards.
An angry hiss came from the rafter above me.
I looked up just in time to see the ghost making a run for it. It was scrambling towards the broken window, but before it disappeared, I threw a Solid-Spirit potion at the woman and grabbed the end of her rope. She tried to yank it out of my grip, but loud noises on the stairs behind me made her let go.
I ran to the window and saw her flee towards the forest edge.
Heaving for breath and with stinging cuts on my hands, I turned around and looked at the girl. “You okay?”
She nodded, her huge eyes looking scared and confused. “Thank you.”
Four people burst through the door and took in the scene with a disbelieving look on their faces. The girl ran to a young couple whilst an older couple gaped at me.
“Uhm, a killer ghost just tried to make your daughter commit suicide. I have to catch it before it gets away.” Pulling out a creased business card, I handed it to a middle aged man. “SPI will pay for the damages to your property. I’ll be right back.”
The mentioning of a killer ghost didn’t seem to surprise the older couple, and the man just nodded and stepped away from the door.
Quickly rolling up the ghost rope, I ran out of the house and legged it to the forest. Even though the rope wasn’t supposed to really exist, it was heavy as hell. And unless I dosed it with some more Solid-Spirit potion, it would become intangible again in about 10 minutes – not something I could let happen until I had caught this bloodthirsty ghost.
Sweating like a pig, I made it to the forest edge in record time. Apparently, I hadn’t needed to attempt a world record. The ghost was waiting for me.

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