Chapter 9

I made sure the ring was in my pocket before I hit the caller button. My hand trembled slightly, but I ignored it and focused on the dial tone.
The phone was answered on the third ring. “Hallo.”
“Hi, Mr Pelletier. It’s Casey Hamilton. I was on my way to your place when my car broke down. I think I’m pretty close, though. The road sign next to me says West City 7 miles and Hemmington 3 miles. I hate to ask, but is there any chance you can come and help me? The tow truck company said they were busy and wouldn’t get here within the next hour.”
“I am sorry to hear that you’ve got car trouble, Miss Hamilton. I’ll come and get you. It shouldn’t take me more than 10 minutes. See you soon.”
“Thanks.” I hung up and couldn’t quite believe how easy that had been. Guess he was keen to steal some more life juice. Bastard.
I waited a couple of minutes before I got out and opened the hood. The cold was a good excuse for my trembling.
Eventually, a couple of headlights came out of the darkness in front of me.
Thomas pulled up beside me in his massive Mercedes. He got out and extended his hand. “Miss Hamilton. What a lucky coincident that your car broke down so close to my place. I hope you haven’t waited long?”
With all the willpower I could muster, I reach out and shook his hand. His touch made me sick, and I held back the urge to throw up all over his nice leather shoes.
“My god, you are ice cold. You should go sit in my car whilst I take a quick look at yours.”
“That’s okay. The cold doesn’t bother me.” I forced the words out of my mouth whilst struggling with the desire to both punch his pretty face in and flee in blind terror.
“Okay. As you wish.” He walked over to the hood and took a look.
I stood next to him and slowly pulled out the handkerchief whilst he tried to find the problem with my car.
Pretending to blow my nose, I carefully slipped on the ring. Its cool surface grounded me, and I would like to think that the dead woman was lending me her strength. A calm, unlike anything I had experienced before descended on me. As if in a dream I watched myself reach out and grab Thomas’ wrist.
Excruciating pain exploded in my hand as soon as I touched his skin, and like a wildfire, it swept through my veins and flooded my entire body. It felt like every nerve ending in me was being fried. I wanted to let go so badly, but Aidrian had said that I had to keep the contact, otherwise it wouldn’t work.
Through the tears that kept streaming down my face, I saw Thomas change. His face was locked in a pain filled expression that was probably very similar to mine, and a horrible screeching was coming from his throat.
A sharp flash blinded me for a second, and when I could see again, Thomas’ body had begun to change. He was clawing at his clothes and underneath them, dark grey skin with coarse black hair was spreading across his chest.
A rotten smell hit me, and I watched as his teeth grew and his nose lengthened into a mix between a human nose and a wolf’s muzzle. The creature in front of me kept trying to break free from my grip, but my fingers were hooked around its hairy wrist, and even if I wanted to let go, my fingers were now locked in a death grip.
Clearly sensing that I wasn’t letting go, it jumped me and knocked us both to the ground. The air was pushed from my lungs, but I had no chance to come to terms with that because I was desperately trying to protect myself from the creature’s nightmarish month filled with sharp fangs. It kept trying to get to my throat, but I managed to wedge my arm in between its jaws. It shook its massive head and shredded my coat.
Blood hit me in the face, but my whole body was in so much pain that I couldn’t feel the wounds in my arm. If the ring didn’t suck all the dead woman’s life force back within the next couple of seconds, I would be joining her.
Suddenly, the rotten smell around me increased, and the beast’s ferocious attack seemed to lessen.
Hope burst through me. It was working!
Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a grotesque human hand with long black claws coming towards me, but with my hand locked around the creature’s wrist and my other arm trapped in its mouth, I could do nothing to protect myself.
A second later my head snapped back and everything went dark.

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