The Casey Hamilton Files: A Draining Affair

This is the first story in the Casey Hamilton Files!

Mutilated bodies of missing women are turning up around the city, and the police can’t seem to solve the case. When a young woman, whom Casey was hired to find, turns up dead, Casey is thrown into a cat and mouse game with a supernatural serial killer. Fighting to stay alive, Casey encounters an ancient magic so twisted that it threatens to consume her.

The Casey Hamilton Files - A draining affair - chapter 1

Chapter 1

A pile of graphic photos of a blood-spattered mess was loudly thrown on my desk. The sight made my half-digested tuna sandwich attempt an escape from its current resting place in my stomach. Luckily, my five years as a badass PI stopped its escape – though the images might actually have been easier to look […]

The Casey Hamilton Files - A draining affair - chapter 2

Chapter 2

Crawler Avenue was located about 20 minutes north of the City Centre. The easiest way to Club Mystique would be to take Chantress Lane through Dromp Enterprise Square, but I was neither stupid nor suicidal enough to try my luck at that cursed place. It would cut my travel time in half, but ever since […]

The Casey Hamilton Files - A draining affair - chapter 3

Chapter 3

Before me stood a tall, well-built man. His long, dark hair and tanned skin hinted at a Native American origin. “Yes?” I met his dark eyes and held his gaze. In the dim light, they seemed almost black. “I’m Thomas Pelletier. I believe you came to speak to me?” He extended his hand, and even […]

The Casey Hamilton Files - A draining affair - chapter 4

Chapter 4

Darkness had fallen by the time I made it back to my apartment, and ice cold rain had managed to soak me through in the time it took me to walk from the car park to the front door. My humble home was located on the top floor in a seven storey building from the […]

The Casey Hamilton Files - A draining affair - chapter 5

Chapter 5

“Are you sure you haven’t seen this man?” The stone-faced bartender kept staring at me “Yes.” “You haven’t even looked at the picture!” “I’m positive. Now, are you ordering something or not?” Trying to contain the frustration I had been feeling for the past hour, I looked around the bar. It was pretty much empty. […]

The Casey Hamilton Files - A draining affair - chapter 6

Chapter 6

Aidrian was leaning over Mr Ó Ceallacháin with a calm expression on his face. It looked odd, especially because Mr Ó Ceallacháin looked like he was being threatened, his features drawn tight and his lips a thin, hard line. “Good to speak to you, Mr Ó Ceallacháin. Guess I’ll see you at the Midnight Ball […]

The Casey Hamilton Files - A Draining Affair – chapter 7

Chapter 7

The rest of the afternoon was spent doing boring admin stuff that I had been neglecting for far too long. The paper piles on my desk were multiplying faster than two love sick rabbits, and people were chasing me for a million different things. When the clock struck five I fled the office. It would […]

The Casey Hamilton Files - A draining affair - chapter 8

Chapter 8

A familiar voice stopped me in my tracks. “Casey, relax! It’s me!” The statement was followed by a curse in the old language. “Why is there a rabid brownie biting my thigh?” “Aidrian?” “Yes. Could you please recall your pet?” I grabbed my new friend and gently pulled her off his leg where she had […]

The Casey Hamilton Files - A draining affair - chapter 9

Chapter 9

I made sure the ring was in my pocket before I hit the caller button. My hand trembled slightly, but I ignored it and focused on the dial tone. The phone was answered on the third ring. “Hallo.” “Hi, Mr Pelletier. It’s Casey Hamilton. I was on my way to your place when my car […]

The Casey Hamilton Files - A draining affair - chapter 10

Chapter 10

The smell of freshly baked cookies woke me up. I opened my eyes but quickly closed them again when the headache from hell made its presence known. A raw groan escaped my sore throat. “Ah, you’re finally awake. Seems like your cookies did the trick, Cillian.” I cracked one eye open and looked across my […]