Reading Slump: 8 blog posts that will help you escape a reading slump

Reading Slump - 8 blog posts that will help you escape a reading slumpWe all know it. That dreadful state where we just can’t seem to… read. It’s like a bird that’s suddenly lost the will to fly. It’s an alien feeling that hits us every now and then, and it’s frustrating, to say the least. I am of course talking about the dreaded reading slump.

However, there is a solution! There is MORE than one solution, actually, so don’t worry. If you haven’t experienced a reading slump before, know that it can be treated, and you will get your passion for reading back. It is NOT gone forever! And if you’ve been fighting off a couple of reading slumps in the past, the advice listed in the posts below may just help you to kick the annoying feeling to the kerb a little faster than usual!

Reading Slump - 8 blog posts that will help you escape a reading slumpSome of the advice out there is pretty similar, but I have tried to include a variety of blog post because their solutions all differ somewhat. And sometimes it’s not so much about the advice itself, but the personal story of how the author ended up in a reading slump that resonates with us and helps us feel like we’re not alone. That stuff should not be underestimated!

So to save you a tonne of time looking for all the brilliant ways you could escape a reading slump, I have compiled a list with 8 blog posts that are guaranteed to help you with your little bookworm problem.

Reading Slump - 8 blog posts that will help you escape a reading slump

1. 5 tips for getting out of a long-term reading slump
An oldie but goodie from Susie Rodarme over at BookRiot. This post is aimed at all the bookworms who are suffering from a long-term reading slump. However, they work just as well for all of you who haven’t been trapped in this dreaded state for more than a few days or weeks.

2. 6 more ways to beat a reading slump
Have you tried all of the above and none of it worked? Despair not! Susie has six more tips you could try if you’re still stuck in your reading slump! I especially like the ‘Take a “me” day’ tip.

3. 10 ways to snap out of a reading slump
This blog post by Julia Seales over at Bustle is for all of you visual bookworms. It’s good, solid advice to help you break free of the lethargy, and there are lots of pictures to look at too! Reading a book with someone is one of my favourites from this post!

4. How to get out of a reading slump
Lauren has no less than 16 ways to end a reading slump! If you don’t have time to read looong descriptions of how to get rid of your little bookworm problem, then this post is for you. She may have a lot of tips, but they’re short and sharp – so you can get back on track with your tbr pile asap!

Reading Slump - 8 blog posts that will help you escape a reading slump

5. How to break out of a reading slump
The blog post from Kelly Gallucci over at Bookish boasts an impressive 13 ways to break your reading slump. The post includes some really good tips which have personally helped me in the past when I have been struggling to escape the haze of a reading slump. As an added bonus, there’s a little selection at the bottom where the editors at Bookish have picked a few books that should help you break the lull.

6. 15 books that will help get you out of your reading slump
Maybe it’s not really the tips and tricks that you need in order to break free of your reading slump. Maybe it’s just a matter of finding the right book! The Huffington Post has compiled a list with 15 books that should help you rediscover your passion for reading. The list includes a bit of everything, and even if you can’t find your favourite genre, maybe this is the perfect time to try something new!

7. Best books to get out of a reading slump
Are 15 books not enough to choose from, or have you read them all already? No problem! Goodreads has the answer – 171 answers to be precise! One of these books is bound to break the book lethargy! Spoiler alert: The Lightning Thief is number 1 with Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone a close number 2!

8. How to deal with a reading slump? – A practical Guide
If you’re looking for a bit more thought behind the recommendations (and not just a long list of books to read), then I would recommend Nicola’s post over at Books Rock My World. She goes through different genres and actually tells you why she’s chosen the books in her post.

Reading Slump - 8 blog posts that will help you escape a reading slump

This is the ultimate list for curing reading slumps. You’ll never need to search the internet for a cure again, so make sure to bookmark this one for the next time a pesky book lull sneaks up on you!

I would be super interested to know which tip has worked for you in the past when you’ve suffered from a reading slump!

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