Book Festivals: 10 of the best events around the world

Book festivals - 10 of the best events around the worldBook festivals are fleeting portals to a million fictional worlds. They pop up all over the globe – sometimes for a few hours, sometimes for a few weeks – and all of them let you explore the magic of books. Unlike libraries and bookstores, literature festivals have a certain urgency about them – you have to absorb all of the amazing things they have to offer (author interviews, panel discussions, workshops and book signings) before they disappear. Even when they reappear the following year, the experience is different – no two book festivals are the same, which is why you can explore them year after year and still see something new. Continue reading

DIY Friday – How to make bookish ballerinas

DIY Friday - Bookish Ballerinas

It’s DIY time here at A Little Blue Book, and even though it’s currently raining cats and dogs in Denmark, it IS summer! That’s why I’ve decided to do a summer-ish project – with a bookish spin, of course. You see, when we finally get our two days of sunshine and warm weather here (I’m being sarcastic – sometimes we get three days of summer…), I’ll be ready to take my unique bookish ballerina shoes for a walk in the park!

If you want to know how you can make a cheap and unique pair of your own, do read on! It’s super simple and you hardly need any materials to make these cute little shoes. Continue reading

Summer Weekends: 10 ideas to make your summer more bookish

Summer weekends - 10 ideas to make your summer more bookish

Summer is here! – well, kind of. Even though the calendar has decided that it’s officially fun-in-the-sun time, Denmark didn’t get the memo – as usual. It’s been cold, windy and wet so far, but I’m still hoping that we’ll get the usual three days of summer this year. How Danes are continually rated the happiest people on earth when our summers are so crap is beyond me. I suspect that it’s got something to do with our deep dislike of greasy sunscreen, which most of us need if we don’t want to look – and feel – like a cooked lobster. No summer sun, no greasy sunscreen, no problem!

Anyways, if you’re lucky enough to live somewhere where the weather is great, summer is the perfect time to leave your indoor reading nook and enjoy some bookish activities outside.

Below are 10 ideas to get you started, and if you’ve got some ideas of your own, do share them in the comments! The more fun and bookish summer ideas, the better!    Continue reading

Happy Birthday! 5 famous authors who were born in June

Happy Birthday! 5 famous authors who were born in June

I love birthdays – and not just my own. I love celebrating other people, who have experienced yet another year of living life.

Life is such a wonder, and I think birthdays are a great way to keep reminding us of just that. Even when I don’t know someone personally – and never will – I like to take a moment on their birthday to feel grateful for how they’ve enriched my life in big or small ways.

Which leads me to the topic of today’s blog post. As readers, we get to experience the most intimate part of an author’s being – their mind. Authors let us see what they think and feel, they pour their heart and soul into Continue reading

5 German fairy tales about food – from magical fruit trees to porridge floods

5 german fairy tales about food - from magical fruit trees to porridge floods

If you are a food-loving bookworm with a fondness for fairy tales, this may just be the perfect blog post for you!

Food is one of the most essential things we need in life (along with books, of course), yet we often take it for granted in the food-wasting western world. Back in the bad old days when fairy tales were everyone’s Netflix, food was not always easy to come by though. Starvation and the desire to eat well are therefore important elements in many fairy tales. Now, this may sound awfully depressing to read about, BUT it’s (usually) not. You see, these stories are filled with magical ways of escaping hunger and poverty, which Continue reading

10 things you (probably) didn’t know about Arthur Conan Doyle

10 things you (probably) didn’t know about Arthur Conan Doyle

Today is a special day! On the 22nd of May in 1859, Arthur Conan Doyle was born in Edinburgh, Scotland. Yes, it’s the birthday of Sherlock Holmes’ dad!

In this blog post, I’ll highlight 10 things about Doyle’s life that you may not have known – until now. So if you want to know more about the man who gave us some of the world’s most famous detective stories and took us on an adventure to ‘The Lost World’, do read on!   Continue reading

Wednesday Wisdom – 10 quotes about the power of reading

Wednesday Wisdom - 10 quotes about the power of reading

On Monday, I wrote a post about how reading gets me through the potholes of life, and today I wanted to build on that. As I mentioned in the post, books have the power to make you feel and reading them can even change what you feel. But reading isn’t limited to just making you feel something – it’s so many great things wrapped up into one: knowledge sharing, stress relieving, empathy boosting, open-minded enabling, inspiration fertiliser and pure, undiluted happiness.

All of this awesomeness is captured in the 10 quotes below. Some of them are fun, some are philosophical, but all of them will share a bit of wisdom about reading.

And who doesn’t love some bookish quotes, right? Continue reading

The power of reading – How reading gets me through the potholes of life

The power of reading - how reading gets me through the potholes of life

It’s been two weeks since I last posted, and if you follow the blog on a regular basis, you’ll know that I usually post three times a week. So what happened? Well, the short answer is life.

Two weeks ago, life decided to be spiteful and difficult. I spent a week not coping with it at all (with a massive amount of feeling-sorry-for-myself thrown in for good measure). As you have probably noticed, life is full of these nasty little potholes. It really shouldn’t come as such a surprise when things don’t go your way – and yet it does, every single time.

However, after a week full of why-me, I grabbed a book and started reading. It wasn’t a grand masterpiece of literature designed to question the big things that life can throw at you. No, it was a reread of an urban fantasy novel, which I knew would make me smile. Continue reading