10 updated New Year’s Resolutions for A Little Blue Book

10 updated new year's resolutions for a little blue book

You just know it’s going to be a tough year when it starts on a Monday.

However, I’ve decided to begin 2018 by being positive and optimistic (and make it last until at least mid-February), but also be a bit more realistic when it comes to my ambitions for this glorious new year. I’ve therefore decided to put my intergalactic quest for unlimited power on hold to focus my attention on this blog and sewing. Continue reading


Deweys 24-hour readathon - October 2017

This is it! It’s readathon time, and I can’t wait to get started! For the next 24 hours, I will be reading, cheering other bookworms on and posting updates here on the blog as well as on Twitter and Instagram.

Readathon Reading List:
My readathon reading list consists of 11 books this time! Yes, it’s a lot of books, but as you can see from the group picture, most of them are pretty thin. I made the mistake last year of choosing some “normal” length books. It didn’t work so well for me because I felt like I wasn’t going through books fast enough. I know that a readathon isn’t a competition against other bookworms, but it still felt like everyone else was on their 7th book when I was still reading my first book. So this year, I’ve chosen mostly thin books to read. Continue reading

5 fairy tales about fashion – with the odd evil stepmother thrown in for good measure…

5 fairy tales about fashion - with the odd evil stepmother thrown in for good measure

Fashion has always been in fashion. Maybe it’s because clothes are a unique kind of magic. You don’t even need to be a die-hard fashionista to know the power they hold.

The right clothes can make you feel pretty or powerful. They can give you the confidence you need to conquer a business presentation or a cocktail party – and if you happen to be a princess in a fairy tale, clothes can even help you win Prince Charming or save your brothers. But beware, clothes also have the power to make you look like a complete ass!   Continue reading

Autumn weekends: 10 ideas to make your autumn more bookish

Autumn weekends - 10 ideas to make your autumn weekends more bookish

It’s the first month of autumn, and I didn’t even need to look at the calendar to know that we’re leaving summer behind. We had our first autumn storm in Denmark last week. Even for weather-beaten Danes, this is pretty unusual. The last time we had a storm in September was 27 years ago. But even though the weather seems to be getting crazier *cough* global warming *cough*, I still love autumn – storms and all.

Actually, I’m a big fan of all the seasons. Yup, I love them all. They each add to the world in their own unique way: Winter is icy beauty softened by snow and reading by candlelight on a cold, dark evening; Spring brings hope, light and green stuff; Summer is infused with the scent of flowers, it’s warm…ish (it is Denmark after all) and we get the light summer nights. Autumn… Well, autumn is just amazing. It’s leafy blankets in beautifully warm colours, it’s the smell of a crisp, clear morning – and it’s the start of my book hygge season. Continue reading

10 Harry Potter quotes that perfectly sum up a typical Monday

10 Harry Potter quotes that perfectly sum up a typical Monday

It’s Monday (surprise!), and while this may seem to be yet another unremarkable start to your week, Potter fans around the globe know otherwise. Today isn’t just another boring Monday – It’s Monday the 31st July!

To all the Muggles out there who aren’t in the know, today is Harry Potter’s birthday, which he also shares with his creator J. K. Rowling. So happy birthday to Harry and his mother!

To celebrate (whilst also acknowledging that for most of us, this will probably turn out to be a magic-less Monday – at least until we can get home and reread the HP books), I have compiled 10 quotes from the Harry Potter books that perfectly sum up a typical Monday – at least for some of us. Continue reading

5 fairy tales about love – with not so happily ever afters

5 fairy tales about love with not so happily ever afters
Fairy tales: the stories where the charming prince married the beautiful princess, and they lived happily ever after – or not.

As some of you may have noticed, I’m a big fan of fairy tales. One of the things I love most about them is that they are so different. Some are sweet, some are gory and not all of them end with a happily ever after. Sometimes things just don’t work out and you have to behead the princess. Continue reading

5 romantic movies to watch if you love books

5 romantic movies to watch if you love books

I think my tbr pile is trying to kill me… The high levels of despair that I’m currently experiencing, whenever I look at it, certainly can’t be good for my health. I try to reassure myself that I WILL finish it before I grow old and die, but it’s not looking good. It keeps multiplying, and I just can’t read fast enough to get through it. I would need to live at least 3479 years to be anywhere near finishing it at the rate I’m going. Sadly, the probability of me being crushed under my mounting tbr pile is far more likely than me living long enough to experience the next three millennia.

So what is a bookworm to do? How can I get through the bone deep despair? Well, a rational bookworm would probably put on the kettle and say: Continue reading

Time travel: 5 books to read if you’d rather be anywhere but now

Time travel - 5 books to read if you’d rather be anywhere but nowIf I could tuuurn back tiime. If I could fiind a waaaaay! Sometimes I feel like Cher.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could go back and change things in our life? Now I know that we all learn from our mistakes and overcoming life’s challenges (usually) makes us stronger, but sometimes it would just be so much better if we could go back and unsee all those angry people burning Harry Potter books – or cure Jane Austen from whatever it was she died of, so she could write Pride & Prejudice 2! I think we can all agree that we need to know if Darcy snores!

And sometimes it would just be awesome to go back and drop hints about the future to H.G. Wells or travel to the year 3000 to see if Busted was right and people actually live underwater. Continue reading

Happy Birthday! 5 famous authors who were born in July

Happy Birthday! 5 famous authors who were born in July

My ideal summer day was reading on the porch.” – Harold E. Varmus

I couldn’t agree more, Harold! And thanks to some pretty awesome authors, who were born in the month of July, we all have some great books to (re-)read this summer!

July is packed with amazing authors, who were born during this fine summer month. A quick Google search brings up over a 100 famous authors, but even though all of them have left behind a literary legacy worth remembering, I’ve chosen to highlight just five authors – the list would simply have been too long if I had to list everyone.

This little list includes authors of children’s books, fantasy, gothic fiction and Nobel Prize winning novels, so there’s a bit of everything in this post. You’ll probably also have heard about all of these authors, but how much do you know about them? Do you know when their birthday is? Continue reading