A Little Blue Book’s Guide to spring cleaning your bookshelf!

A Little Blue Book’s Guide to spring cleaning your bookshelfI have run into one of the most common problems for bookworms – all my bookshelves are absolutely filled with books. I now have piles of them on my floor and nowhere to place a new bookshelf. Floor space is quickly disappearing and the stacks are slowly but surely inching closer to the ceiling.

I love being surrounded by books, but this is getting ridiculous and impractical. It’s time for a *deep breath* merciless spring cleaning!

If you’re facing the same problem or just want to make space for some new books on your bookshelf/shelves by getting rid of some old ones, then this post is for you – it’s also for those of you who just like bookish flow charts!   

Getting ready

The first thing you should do is put on some music. This will help you get into the right frame of mind to do this. If you’re anything like me, getting rid of any books will be a challenging process – you need something to motivate you and keep the spirit high (I can recommend Survivor with ‘eye of the tiger’ 😉 ).

The next step is to take all of the books off your bookshelf – if the thought of doing this leaves you groaning, I don’t blame you! Now remove all the dust and wipe down the bookshelf with a slightly damp cloth.

You now have a nice and clean home for the books you decide to keep!

Choosing which books to keep

Now choose the books you absolutely CANNOT live without – the ones where even the thought of giving them away makes you sick. Wipe off the dust with a dry cloth and place them in little piles on/inside your bookshelf.

And now we get to the hard part – tackling the rest of the books. To help you through this process I have created a flow chart which should make everything a bit easier.

A Little Blue Book’s Guide to spring cleaning your bookshelfYou should now (hopefully!) have a pile of books that you will be keeping and two piles of books that you won’t (donate and recycle). Wipe the dust of the ones that you will keep and place them on/in your bookshelf with the others.

Now you get to organise all of them! You can do this by author, colour, genre or your very own sorting system. The sky is the limit, so choose whatever works best for you. My own bookshelves are organised according to genre and author because even though I love the colourful rainbow bookshelves that you see on bookstagram, I NEED all the books in my series to be next to each other – it would drive me up the wall if they weren’t. I must have some form of bookish OCD…

Anyways! You now have a dust free, clean and organised bookshelf. Lovely sight, isn’t it?

Do you find it difficult to get rid of books? And how do you prefer to organise your books? Do you organise your books at all or is that not really important to you?

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