Library Lovers’ Month: 8 Ways to Celebrate Bookworms’ Second Home

Library Lovers’ Month - 8 Ways to Celebrate Bookworms’ Second Home

Happy first day of Library Lovers’ Month! Yup, it’s a thing! I must admit that I wasn’t aware of it until I did a bit of research for a blog post and stumped upon this fun little nugget of information. BUT, I think this is a GREAT opportunity for all us bookworms to show our appreciation for these truly unique places that bring us so much joy!

So instead of getting the winter blues (or heatstroke if you live in the Southern Hemisphere), we can spend the month doing fun things at the library! Below I’ve listed some ways that you can celebrate libraries throughout February, so grab your library card and GO! There’s no time to waste!

Libraries - Magical places where bookworms go to lose themselves in a thousand dreams. A Little Blue Book

  1. Go on a library road trip!
    Visit the biggest and smallest library near you – and all the ones in between! Take in the different buildings, and rejoice in the fact that even though they may look different on the outside, there are always the familiar rows of bookshelves inside. Have a little read in one of your newly discovered reading nooks and enjoy the nice, relaxing atmosphere that all libraries (big or small) have.
  2. Attend events at the library
    Have a look at your local library’s website to see if they have any events coming up that might be of interest to you – or ask your friendly neighbourhood librarian about upcoming events if you can’t find anything on their website. Most libraries will have some events throughout the month, but if none of these appeals to you, brainstorm some ideas and ask your librarian if you could help organise one!
  3. Write a letter to your library
    Write a letter with all the stuff you love about your library – and include the things that you think could make it even better! Don’t hold back! Share your love for your local library, and then hand it to your librarian (or put it in the suggestions box, which is often hidden somewhere in the building, if you’re a bit shy). Like everyone else, they would love to hear how much they’re appreciated and what they can do to improve the library experience for all of us.
  4. Learn a new skill
    Spend February learning a new skill by using books and other recourses from your library. You’ve got 28 days to learn something you’ve always thought about doing, but for some reason never got around to learn. Whether it’s knitting, portrait painting, or something else, they will probably have tonnes of books about it at your local library. How cool would it be to have learnt a new skill by the end of this month (or at least be fairly decent at whatever you want to do) and have done it for free!
  5. Host a book club
    Host a book club with your friends or other local bookworms using books from the library – many libraries will have more than one copy of a book, but if you need more copies, it’s usually possibly to order them from another library and get it send to your local branch.
  6. Borrow something different
    Spend February borrowing books that you might not otherwise have picked. Since they’re free, you can be a bit more adventurous about the type of books you read. Even if you don’t get more than five chapters in before deciding it’s crap, you haven’t wasted any money, and now you know what you don’t like. The benefit is, of course, that you might discover a new favourite series or genre that you wouldn’t have read otherwise. Let the librarian help you if you’re not sure what to read – they know so much about books that they should be able to tell you what might appeal to you outside of your normal genre(s).
  7. Borrow the books that made you love reading
    Borrow and reread the first books that really got you into reading – if you’re like me, then the first books that really opened your eyes to the amazing world within these paper bundles will have been books you borrowed from the library. It could also be books that friends or family lent you, though! Whatever the case, exhume them at your local library and experience the nostalgia of rereading the little wonders that started you on the path to becoming the wonderful bookworm you are today!
  8. Leave sweet, little notes for fellow bookworms
    Leave sweet, little sticky notes in the books you borrow (no permanent marker in the books, obviously), so the next person, who wants to immerse themselves in the magical world you’ve left behind, gets a bigger appreciation for libraries as well – no spoilers, though! That would just be mean.

Library Lovers’ Month 8 Ways to Celebrate Bookworms’ Second Home - books
A library is a place that freely shares its treasures – it doesn’t matter whether you’re young or old, what social class you belong to, or what religion and sexual orientation you have. Libraries are open to all. Let’s help others appreciate this unique place of equality by making it a great experience to borrow a book.

If you’ve got other great suggestions as to how we can all celebrate these amazing places, then please share them with us in the comments below!

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