Happiness: 10 things that make bookworms (extra) happy

Happiness - 10 things that make bookworms (extra) happy

It’s International Day of Happiness today… So are you feeling happier today? I’ve spent about 6 minutes and 47 seconds just sitting here, trying to see if I’ve felt a difference today. My conclusion is that it’s been pretty average so far. However, average just won’t cut it on International Day of Happiness! I am determined to join in on the celebrations by being extra happy today – and luckily, I know just the thing for that!

Below I’ve compiled a little list of 10 things which always makes me happy. They are things I have in common with all my bookworm friends, so if you’re a bookworm yourself and looking to celebrate International Day of Happiness by being extra happy, these 10 things will (probably) help you achieve that!

1. Having the library almost to yourself
There is nothing better than to go to the library and find it almost empty. Having the chance to surround yourself with books without bumping into other people is something that makes me, and all the bookworms I know, pretty happy. For me, the appeal of an almost empty library is that I’m less likely to be caught lovingly stroking the book spines of all the classics like a mentally unstable person… Other people just like the quiet.

2. 50% discount on books at your local bookstore
Owning more books will always bring happiness to any bookworm! So if there’s a sale on at the local bookstore, it’s a sure place to meet some extra happy bookworms.

3. The smell of a new book
Unless you’re a bookworm, you may be struggling to understand this one. There’s just something relaxing and happiness-inducing about smelling a new book. Maybe it’s all the new potential that you’re about to expose yourself to… Or maybe it’s just the ink.

4. Looking at all the books on your bookshelves
True happiness can be achieved by simply looking at your bookshelves (yes, I’ve used the plural form of shelf because if you don’t already have more than one bookshelf, it’s only a matter of time before you do!). I’m not a particularly materialistic person, but when it comes to books, I’ve noticed that the more I have, the happier I am! The power of books is so great that you don’t even have to read them to feel their impact on your happiness levels – seeing really is believing here…

Happiness - 10 things that make bookworms (extra) happy

5. Buying a new book by your favourite author (after waiting a whole year for it!)
A new book by your favourite author sometimes feels like it’s worth its weight in gold – luckily, that’s rarely the price you have to pay to enjoy a few hours of pure happiness. Just opening the book (and smelling it!), seeing the first chapter and finally being able to immerse yourself in something you’ve waited forever to read is an indescribable feeling – but then you know what I’m talking about, so I don’t need to explain it!

6. Finishing a great first book in a series and knowing there will be more to come
You know that your tbr pile is going to suffer when you encounter a great first book in a series and absolutely have to move on to the next one asap. The excitement of this precious discovery is bound to give your body and soul a solid dose of happiness.
However, beware! This is a bittersweet experience. Nothing grabs a hold of you like a really good series. You get to follow the characters for much longer, and you become a part of their world in a way that a stand-alone book just can’t replicate. When it inevitably ends, it just hurts so much more. And unless you’ve discovered the series after it finished, you have to wait for each instalment, which can sometimes take years! Years! It’s still worth it, though…

7. Rereading your favourite book
Yup, you may have read your favourite book a billion times, but rereading it will always fill you with joy. Lizzy’s epic refusal of proud Mr Darcy will never become less epic, and even though you know that SPOILER!!! they end up together, it still sends a rush through your body when she furiously proclaims that “I had not known you a month before I felt that you were the last man in the world whom I could ever be prevailed on to marry.” Eh, unless your favourite book isn’t Pride and Prejudice, of course…

8. Meeting someone who likes the same books as you
It’s the perfect way for bookworms to find life-long friends. You just know that they can’t be anything but awesome when they like the same books as you. You’ve found a kindred spirit and that tends to be pretty happiness-inducing. Just imagine all the time you can now spend on recommending books and talk about characters!

Happiness - 10 things that make bookworms (extra) happy

9. Discussing book characters with your friends
Which, of course, leads me to the great happiness that is talking about characters from beloved books with your friends and like-minded people! The pleasure of immersing yourself in a fictive world only becomes greater if you can discuss it with a friend who has walked in the same universe. It’s like travelling to some distant place with your friends, only to discover that they were more interested in the pool boy than the tasty Fasolada soup!

I once had a passionate discussion with a friend about a character from a book which we had both read. An acquaintance overheard this conversation and suddenly exclaimed: “You guys are talking about this Rachel character like she was a real person. It’s a fictive person in a book, NOT a real person.” My friend and I then launched into a rather heated discussion with the acquaintance about the “realness” of characters in books. It was a true bonding experience with my friend, and to this day, we still talk about characters in ways that may seem strange to non-bookworms.

10. Finding the perfect bookmark
Sometimes it’s all about the accessories. Buying a book can make most bookworms pretty happy, but sometimes a simple bookmark may bring quite a lot of joy too. I personally have a tonne of bookmarks, but for some reason, I always end up using any spare scrap of paper that I can find (such as recipes, used post-its and grocery lists)… However, I wouldn’t part with any of my bookmarks! They make me happy by just being there on my bookshelves (again – I’m really not a materialistic person, but there’s just something about them!).

All of the things above have the ability to make me happy. What about you? Would any of the above make you happy?

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