Dragons in Literature – a little quiz about big beasts

Dragons in Literature a little quiz about big beasts

“There were lots of dragons in the North in those days, and gold was probably getting scarce up there, with the dwarves flying south or getting killed, and all the general waste and destruction that dragons make going from bad to worse.”– The Hobbit

Some are good, some are bad, and some are downright mean! Dragons have been a part of epic tales from antiquity to modern day literature, and if you’ve read some of history’s greatest fantasy novels, you will undoubtedly have come across one or two of these majestic beasts – they’re simply too amazing to leave out of a proper adventure! Continue reading

The little literature spring quiz – for all us young-at-heart bookworms!

The classical children’s literature spring quiz – for all us young at heart bookworms

Spring is upon us – or so I’ve been told. Looking out the window, I find it difficult to believe that winter is indeed waning. Sure, there are some signs that the dark time is past us – snowdrops have broken through the hard ground and daffodils are adding their bright yellow glow to the drab surroundings – but it’s still pretty cold and a bit gloomy here in Scandinavia.

Luckily, it all gets better from now on! And what better way to celebrate the slow but steady progress towards summer than with a bookish quiz about spring?! I’ve chosen to base this little quiz on famous children’s books because children are in their life’s spring – a time which the rest of us look back on with (hopefully) fond memories!

So let’s take a walk down memory lane and see just how much we can remember from a time when the world was still new and filled with endless wonder. Continue reading

10 funny quotes by famous authors to get you through a grey Monday!

10 funny quotes by famous authors to get you through a grey MondayHad a crap Monday or still having a crap Monday? Don’t worry, I’ve got 10 quotes by some pretty funny authors that are sure to put a smile or two on your lips!

I know that a smile may not erase the day you’ve been through/going through, but even a small smile holds a surprising amount of power. It might just keep the gloomy Monday feeling at bay for a minute or two and that must surely count for something! Continue reading

The little Valentine’s Day Literature Quiz!

The little Valentine’s Day Literature Quiz

So Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and everyone seems to be putting out content about it left and right – so I decided to do the same! Go with the flow and all that.

My humble contribution is a little literature quiz for everyone who loves romance novels and epic love stories! Questions range from The Great Gatsby through to Gone With The Wind and Pride and Prejudice. Continue reading

The wee Scottish literature quiz for Bookworms

 The wee Scottish literature quiz for Bookworm

Happy Burns Night to all the Scottish people out there!

Tonight the Scots are celebrating their national poet Robert Burns – A guy who is largely regarded as the national poet of Scotland! Even though he died when he was only 37, Mr Burns (not the guy from the Simpsons!) wrote and collected a large number of great poems and songs. His work is still read/sung today and not just in Scotland!

To join in on the celebrations (because why not?! I’m sure the Scots won’t mind us honouring their famous poet!), I have created a wee quiz for everyone who wants to test their knowledge about stuff related to Scottish literature (in the widest sense). Continue reading