Ancient libraries: 5 legendary libraries for all the library lovers out there!

Ancient libraries - 5 legendary libraries for all the library lovers out there

Since the beginning of civilisation, people have been drawn to places of learning. And in ancient times, no place embodied that more than the library.

You may have heard about the Great Library of Alexandria, but this famous information hub was by no means the only one. Throughout history, great libraries have come and gone, but though most of them are now mere shadows of the grand places they used to be, or have been lost to us completely, they should not be forgotten. These important places provided a space for scholars to push human knowledge forward, and our world is a reflection of this continued effort.

In the little list below, I take a look at five of the most extraordinary libraries of the ancient world. Continue reading

Bookcaves: 5 underground libraries from around the world

Bookcaves - 5 underground libraries from around the worldLibraries: these amazing places filled with millions of unique stories draw bookworms like moths to a flame. We just can’t help ourselves. When we see one, the urge to go inside and stroke the books becomes almost unbearable.

Though all libraries are equal, some libraries are more equal than others when it comes to a bookworm’s preferences. Some have the most amazing reading nooks or feature some seriously cool shelving, and others are located in unique places. Continue reading

Top 5 reasons why libraries are beyond awesome

top 5 reasons why libraries are beyond awesome

Libraries (aka small pockets of heaven on earth) are one of my favourite places to go, especially when life is proving to be a bit of a challenge. They pick me up just by being there for me when I need a tranquil break, and I’m sure I’m not the only bookworm seeking shelter there! There’s just something about being surrounded by beautiful books that makes your soul happy. Continue reading