Time travel: 5 books to read if you’d rather be anywhere but now

Time travel - 5 books to read if you’d rather be anywhere but nowIf I could tuuurn back tiime. If I could fiind a waaaaay! Sometimes I feel like Cher.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could go back and change things in our life? Now I know that we all learn from our mistakes and overcoming life’s challenges (usually) makes us stronger, but sometimes it would just be so much better if we could go back and unsee all those angry people burning Harry Potter books – or cure Jane Austen from whatever it was she died of, so she could write Pride & Prejudice 2! I think we can all agree that we need to know if Darcy snores!

And sometimes it would just be awesome to go back and drop hints about the future to H.G. Wells or travel to the year 3000 to see if Busted was right and people actually live underwater. Continue reading

Book Festivals: 10 of the best events around the world

Book festivals - 10 of the best events around the worldBook festivals are fleeting portals to a million fictional worlds. They pop up all over the globe – sometimes for a few hours, sometimes for a few weeks – and all of them let you explore the magic of books. Unlike libraries and bookstores, literature festivals have a certain urgency about them – you have to absorb all of the amazing things they have to offer (author interviews, panel discussions, workshops and book signings) before they disappear. Even when they reappear the following year, the experience is different – no two book festivals are the same, which is why you can explore them year after year and still see something new. Continue reading

Summer Weekends: 10 ideas to make your summer more bookish

Summer weekends - 10 ideas to make your summer more bookish

Summer is here! – well, kind of. Even though the calendar has decided that it’s officially fun-in-the-sun time, Denmark didn’t get the memo – as usual. It’s been cold, windy and wet so far, but I’m still hoping that we’ll get the usual three days of summer this year. How Danes are continually rated the happiest people on earth when our summers are so crap is beyond me. I suspect that it’s got something to do with our deep dislike of greasy sunscreen, which most of us need if we don’t want to look – and feel – like a cooked lobster. No summer sun, no greasy sunscreen, no problem!

Anyways, if you’re lucky enough to live somewhere where the weather is great, summer is the perfect time to leave your indoor reading nook and enjoy some bookish activities outside.

Below are 10 ideas to get you started, and if you’ve got some ideas of your own, do share them in the comments! The more fun and bookish summer ideas, the better!    Continue reading

Ancient libraries: 5 legendary libraries for all the library lovers out there!

Ancient libraries - 5 legendary libraries for all the library lovers out there

Since the beginning of civilisation, people have been drawn to places of learning. And in ancient times, no place embodied that more than the library.

You may have heard about the Great Library of Alexandria, but this famous information hub was by no means the only one. Throughout history, great libraries have come and gone, but though most of them are now mere shadows of the grand places they used to be, or have been lost to us completely, they should not be forgotten. These important places provided a space for scholars to push human knowledge forward, and our world is a reflection of this continued effort.

In the little list below, I take a look at five of the most extraordinary libraries of the ancient world. Continue reading

5 Danish fairy tales for travelling bookworms

5 Danish fairy tales for travelling bookworms

Do you need a break from everything? Is work or studies claiming all your time, and would you love nothing else than to pack a suitcase and just jump on a plane to somewhere else?

I know I would love to do just that. Unfortunately, it’s not possible – at the moment. However, just because we may be stuck where we are, it doesn’t mean that we can’t go on an adventure anyway. The five fairy tales below will all lead you on journeys to foreign countries with unique cultures – and it wouldn’t take you more than your commute to work or part of your lunch break to go there!

So let’s all just forget about our ever-growing to-do lists for a moment and take a trip through Hans Christian Andersen’s imaginative worlds. Continue reading

Bookcaves: 5 underground libraries from around the world

Bookcaves - 5 underground libraries from around the worldLibraries: these amazing places filled with millions of unique stories draw bookworms like moths to a flame. We just can’t help ourselves. When we see one, the urge to go inside and stroke the books becomes almost unbearable.

Though all libraries are equal, some libraries are more equal than others when it comes to a bookworm’s preferences. Some have the most amazing reading nooks or feature some seriously cool shelving, and others are located in unique places. Continue reading

5 amazing book oases in China

5 amazing book oases in China


The Chinese New Year (aka Spring Festival) is upon us, and you know what? The year of the Fire Rooster is a pretty good year to try something new… Like travelling through China! Year of the what? Who? If this is the first time you have stumbled upon the Chinese Zodiac, you can find more information here OR you could simply read on to find some amazing places that are bound to have books that can fill you in on the topic – whilst also giving your life a dose of adventure! Continue reading

Fantastic Fairy Tale Authors and Where to Find Them – The Europe Edition

Fantastic Fairy Tale Authors and Where to Find Them - The Europe Edition

Okay, so some of the people mentioned in this post will be pretty difficult to find because all of them are dead…. BUT that doesn’t mean you can’t check out the places that inspired them to write/collect some of the most magical folk- and fairy tales in Europe!

Below you’ll find a list of five interesting cities that all provided the perfect setting for the work of some awesome people who were instrumental in bringing us amazing stories within the fairy/folk tale genre.  Continue reading