10 updated New Year’s Resolutions for A Little Blue Book

10 updated new year's resolutions for a little blue book

You just know it’s going to be a tough year when it starts on a Monday.

However, I’ve decided to begin 2018 by being positive and optimistic (and make it last until at least mid-February), but also be a bit more realistic when it comes to my ambitions for this glorious new year. I’ve therefore decided to put my intergalactic quest for unlimited power on hold to focus my attention on this blog and sewing. Continue reading

The power of reading – How reading gets me through the potholes of life

The power of reading - how reading gets me through the potholes of life

It’s been two weeks since I last posted, and if you follow the blog on a regular basis, you’ll know that I usually post three times a week. So what happened? Well, the short answer is life.

Two weeks ago, life decided to be spiteful and difficult. I spent a week not coping with it at all (with a massive amount of feeling-sorry-for-myself thrown in for good measure). As you have probably noticed, life is full of these nasty little potholes. It really shouldn’t come as such a surprise when things don’t go your way – and yet it does, every single time.

However, after a week full of why-me, I grabbed a book and started reading. It wasn’t a grand masterpiece of literature designed to question the big things that life can throw at you. No, it was a reread of an urban fantasy novel, which I knew would make me smile. Continue reading