The power of reading – How reading gets me through the potholes of life

The power of reading - how reading gets me through the potholes of life

It’s been two weeks since I last posted, and if you follow the blog on a regular basis, you’ll know that I usually post three times a week. So what happened? Well, the short answer is life.

Two weeks ago, life decided to be spiteful and difficult. I spent a week not coping with it at all (with a massive amount of feeling-sorry-for-myself thrown in for good measure). As you have probably noticed, life is full of these nasty little potholes. It really shouldn’t come as such a surprise when things don’t go your way – and yet it does, every single time.

However, after a week full of why-me, I grabbed a book and started reading. It wasn’t a grand masterpiece of literature designed to question the big things that life can throw at you. No, it was a reread of an urban fantasy novel, which I knew would make me smile. Continue reading