Bookish Spring Weekends: 10 things to do if you’re feeling bored

Bookish spring weekends - 10 things to do if you're feeling bored

Spring is here! After spending the long, cold and dark winter inside with a good book in one hand and a cup of hot chocolate in the other, the shift in the weather has finally made it possible to venture outside without freezing your ass off.

I know that we bookworms tend to spend a lot of time discovering fictional worlds in the comfort of our favourite reading spot, but the opportunity to explore spring, and everything this season brings, shouldn’t be wasted!

So here are 10 bookish things you can do this spring if you’re looking to do something other than reducing your tbr pile in your weekends!

Bookish Spring Weekends - 10 things to do if you’re feeling bored

1. Pick up a book about flora and fauna and spend an afternoon putting your new knowledge to use in a public garden or park

2. Find a coffee shop, café or pub where you can sit outside (preferably among flowers and other green stuff) and order your favourite character’s favourite beverage (or as close to as possible) whilst you read. A grand latte, double espresso, no foam, with a shot of raspberry and a sprinkle of cinnamon on top, anyone?

3. Buy an outdoor flower pot and decorate it with your favourite literary quote. Plant some beautiful flowers in it and place it outside your front door to welcome guests.

4. Listen to an audiobook whilst you take a long walk in a beautiful park.

5. Spring clean your bookshelf/shelves! Remove all the dust, donate the books you don’t need and reorganise everything. I’ve got a post with a funny but (somewhat) helpful flowchart that will help you get rid of the books you don’t need here.

Bookish Spring Weekends - 10 things to do if you’re feeling bored

6. Bring a notebook and a pen to your favourite spot in your garden or at the park. Spend some time writing down all the spring words that come to mind – then create a poem using those words. If writing isn’t your thing, take the list of words to your local bookstore/library and find books that include those words in the title. Read the book that has the most words from your list.

7. On some beautiful paper, write a poem or a list of book recommendations that’s inspired by spring. Send it to a loved one.

8. Gather some bookish friends and spend an afternoon in the park discussing your favourite books about spring – everyone could bring a book (and some cake) and then do a book swap at the end.

9. Buy a notebook and start filling it with all your favourite literary quotes about spring.

10. Investigate places with a literary connection in your local (or not so local) area, e.g. places where an author was born or died, places where a famous book was written or took place, or a museum dedicated to an author. Then go visit them.

Bookish Spring Weekends - 10 things to do if you’re feeling bored

This little list with bookish ideas will hopefully have given you some inspiration for fun weekend activities. If you decide to do any (or all!) of them, I would love to know! Please share your bookish spring adventure(s) and feel free to include pictures, poems or spring book recommendations! And if you have more ideas for bookish spring activities, do share them in the comments below! There sure are a lot of exclamation marks in this paragraph…!

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