… Have you ever had a crush on a fictional character? Does your idea of a great Friday night involve a book, a blanket, and a hot beverage? Do you die a little when you’ve finished an amazing book, and are you on a never-ending hunt for more wonderful books to enrich your life? In short, do you love books?

Yeah, me too.

Hi! My superhero name is Andrea Andersen, and I’m a self-proclaimed Bookworm!
I love books. I love everything about them. I love their smell, I love the feeling of holding them in my hands when I’m reading, I love looking at them when they’re all lined up on my bookshelves, and I couldn’t live without the magical world I’m invited into whenever I open a book.

This passion (bordering on obsession) for books all started when I was introduced to fairy tales as a little girl. One of my first and fondest memories about books is listening to my parents reading the magical stories by Hans Christian Andersen.

My childhood love for fairy tales has since grown into an appreciation for genres like Fantasy, Sci-Fi and Crime – with the odd love story (like Pride and Prejudice by the amazing Jane Austen) thrown into the mix. Though I have a few favourite genres, I enjoy reading other stuff too, so if you’re not into Fantasy and can’t stand Sci-Fi or Crime, we might still have some favourite books in common!

Another seemingly random (but pretty relevant) fact is that I’m a Dane, and in the small Kingdom of Denmark, we speak Danish. English is therefore not my mother tongue (though I would like to believe that I don’t suck at speaking it). However, I’ve decided to do the blog in English because I’ll be able to reach a much larger number of fellow bookworms than if the blog was in Danish (the population of DK is only about 5.7 million people!). As English isn’t my native language, please bear with me if my grammar and sentence structure get a bit weird!

If the above info hasn’t bored you to death, you can find more information about A Little Blue Book in the post 10 updated New Year’s resolution for A Little Blue Book. You can also sign up for my monthly newsletter (coming soon! Yeah, I know I’ve been saying this for a year now, but it IS on the way – I promise!) or follow me on social media for more fun updates!


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