5 Danish Fairy Tales for Animal Lovers!

5 Danish Fairy Tales for Animal Lovers

Looking for something light to read in between all the books on your reading list or just have 10 minutes to kill whilst you’re waiting for the bus? Well, if you also happen to be an animal lover, then the five fairy tales highlighted in this post might just be something for you!

The animal-packed fairy tales below were written by none other than Hans Christian Andersen (you can read more about the famous Danish fairy tale author and his works here and here).

Mr Andersen is the author of some pretty amazing fairy tales, so you may already have seen the movies or even read the stories as these five magical tales are among his most loved pieces. However, all of them are worth a read or a reread (or a re-reread!) as they continue to share their magic with everyone who reads them.


  1. The Ugly Duckling
    5 Danish Fairy Tales for Animal Lovers - The Ugly DucklingProbably one of the most well-known and best-loved fairy tales by Andersen. The powerful story teaches the important lesson that even if you are born an ugly duckling, you have the potential to grow into a beautiful swan. Setbacks and abuse should never stop you from reaching your full potential – and I’m not just talking about looks here. Far from it actually. So if you feel like the world is bringing you down, and you could use a pick-me-up story, then this fairy tale is for you!
  1. The Tinderbox
    5 Danish Fairy Tales for Animal Lovers - The TinderboxLooking for a story about man’s best friend? Well, look no further! This magical story features THREE gigantic pooches along with a witch, a princess and a dashing soldier! This fairy tale also takes ‘puppy dog eyes’ to a whole new level!
  1. The Nightingale
    5 Danish Fairy Tales for Animal Lovers - The Nightingale
    This one is for all the bird lovers out there! Set in China, the sweet story is about appreciating the beauty of nature and how the song of a tiny bird can persuade even Death to give up on a soul that was rightly his.
  1. Thumbelina
    5 Danish Fairy Tales for Animal Lovers - Thumbelina
    A great story about following your heart and never settling for someone you don’t love – even if everyone else is trying to push you in all the wrong directions because they think they know better. AND it’s full of animals! You get to meet toads, fish, butterflies, beetles, field mice, moles and birds! And of course, it wouldn’t be a proper fairy tale without a witch and a flower-fairy prince!
  1. The Wild Swans
    5 Danish Fairy Tales for Animal Lovers - the wild swans
    Another beautiful story featuring swans – Andersen seems to have had an affinity for these birds… Anyways, the story includes a tonne of classic (and awesome) fairy tale features such as a beautiful princess and her brothers, one evil queen stepmother (who is also a witch, obviously), a fairy and a tonne of magic! The main character, Elisa, overcomes some pretty big challenges and makes some pretty big sacrifices to save the people she loves – a nice story about the importance of family.This fairy tale features some of the same elements as a couple of the fairy tales collected by Brothers Grimm. So if it seems slightly familiar, this might be why.

You can find the stories for free here, or download a free collection of Andersen’s fairy tales on Kindle.

Happy reading! And do let me know which one is your favourite!

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