5 bookish things to do this weekend – if you’re feeling uninspired

5 bookish things to do this weekend if you're feeling uninspired

We’ve made it through another week, and the weekend is so close we can practically feel it – and it feels just like a good book!

Do you know what you’ll be doing (aka reading) this weekend? If you’re feeling stuck or uninspired by your tbr pile or just want to do something a bit different this weekend, do read on!

I’ve created a little list with 5 bookish things you can do this weekend to mix it up a bit!

  1. Celebrate Tolkien Reading Day! Because why not?!

Not that you ever need a specific day to read Tolkien. His works can be read every day, all day. However, The Tolkien Society decided to encourage the reading of J. R. R: Tolkien’s books by dedicating the 25th March to the famous author and his works. So grab a book or three and celebrate this special day!

Fun fact: the date of 25th March was chosen in honour of the fall of Sauron (The Lord of the Rings).

  1. Lose yourself in the magical universe of Aesop’s Fables!

If you don’t know him yet, please let me introduce you to William Caxton (c. 1422 – c. 1491). Mr Caxton was an English merchant, writer and printer, which is all well and good. However, he is thought to be the first to bring a printing press to England (1476), and he was the first English retailer of printed books!

On the 26th March in 1484, Caxton prints the first English translation of Aesop’s Fables – And why not celebrate the stories that continue to intrigue and delight both children and adults today by snuggling up with a copy on the couch this Sunday!

  1. Need a bit of magic in your weekend?

Then you might want to have a look at Howl’s Moving Castle from 1986 by British author Diana Wynne Jones. Jones died on 26th March in 2011, but her creativity lives on in this book (and all her other ones!) where a young woman is wrongly cursed, meets a fire-demon and becomes a cleaning lady for a notorious wizard who is said to eat the hearts of beautiful young women!

The book was also the inspiration for Hayao Miyazaki beautiful film by the same name from 2004.

  1. Explore some Scandinavian poetry!

On the 26th March in 2015, we lost Tomas Tranströmer. He was a Swedish poet, known for his poetry about nature and the mystery and wonder of everyday life.

His poetry was so amazing that he won the Nobel Prize for it in 2011. So if you want to read world class poetry, Tranströmer is your guy. His notable works include The Half-Finished Heaven, Windows and Stones, Baltics, For the Living and the Dead, The Sorrow Gondola.

  1. Is an epic drama just what you need? Jim Harrison has got you covered!

We all know that 2016 was a deadly year – we lost many famous people last year and one of them was Jim Harrison. He was an American novelist, essayist and poet. His writing has been likened to that of William Faulkner and Ernest Hemingway – and you may have heard about his 1979 novella: Legends of the Fall.

If you don’t feel like reading (it does happen), you could always watch the movie adaptation from 1994 with Brad Pitt and Anthony Hopkins. Yup, Hollywood liked Harrison’s novella so much that they made it into a 133-minute long movie.

Have a lovely (and bookish) weekend!

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