10 updated New Year’s Resolutions for A Little Blue Book

10 updated new year's resolutions for a little blue book

You just know it’s going to be a tough year when it starts on a Monday.

However, I’ve decided to begin 2018 by being positive and optimistic (and make it last until at least mid-February), but also be a bit more realistic when it comes to my ambitions for this glorious new year. I’ve therefore decided to put my intergalactic quest for unlimited power on hold to focus my attention on this blog and sewing.

A lot has happened in my life since I started this blog in January 2017; I moved back to Denmark after living in London for 2.5 years. I was living with my parents for about eight months, which was something I’d never thought I would be doing at 28, but it seemed like the most sensible decision as I didn’t know where in the country I would end up working. Got a new, super amazing, love-it-so-much full-time job in another part of Denmark, and then moved there despite not knowing anyone in that city.

I’ve said goodbye to people in my life and hello to many new ones, I’ve left opportunities behind so I could explore what else life had to offer – and I haven’t been disappointed.

Sometimes you just need to be brave enough to read a book you’ve never heard of instead of rereading the same book, hoping for that special feeling you got when you first read it.

Aaannnd all of this pretty much messed up my big goals for this little blog. You can see the first New Year’s resolutions for A Little Blue Book in my very first blog post from 1st January 2017. They were pretty ambitious, and I can’t help but smile when I read them now.

I still want to make this blog a fun-loving online space for bookworms to meet and share their passion for books, I still want to meet and talk to more of you guys, and I still want to write fun blog posts about books – I’ve just come to realize that I may have to scale it down a bit to avoid blogger burnout. I was so busy towards the end of 2017 that I became completely overwhelmed by my own goals for this blog, and I just… stopped writing. I couldn’t do it. Even when there were times where I could have sat down and written a post, I just couldn’t bring myself to open my computer and type a single word. Does anyone else know that feeling? It’s absolutely awful!

10 updated new year's resolutions for a little blue book flower

To avoid that happening again, I’ve updated my new year’s resolutions. The revised ones are based on the experience I’ve gained in the previous year and the challenges I’ll be facing both at work and in my personal life in 2018.

Here’s to a great blogging year for everyone!

1. Continue this blog, dammit!
I really like blogging because as a (book) blogger you become part of a magical community with AMAZING people. Most bloggers are incredibly supportive, which is SO, SO important when you’re struggling to find your blogging voice, and you learn A LOT from them. It’s also super rewarding to get a comment from a reader who says your blog post saved their day – that alone makes it worth all the blood, sweat and tears!

2. Post once a week
Last year I wanted to do 3-4 blog posts per week, but that was just too much. I can do 3-4 blog posts, but that won’t leave me time for anything else (yeah, it takes me forever to write – and finish – a blog post), and when I don’t have time to do any of the other things I love (e.g., reading books, reading blogs, conquering Antarctica, sewing, etc.), I’m actually NOT living the life that I want to live.

So I’ll only be committing to one blog post every Friday – that ought to prevent me from going even more bonkers. Of course, there may be weeks where I might post a bonus blog post – You know, just because I can.

3. Post a minimum of one story in 2018
As some of you might have seen, I also post short stories (SPI Agency files) here on my own little slice of the internet.

However, I stalled in the middle of one of these stories (poor Ying), despite having all the chapters outlined. That whole life thing happened, but this time I’m better prepared… Maybe? No, I am. I really am this time!

Even though most people don’t seem to read them, I’ve promised one of my friends that I’ll publish the next chapter soon (yes, Tine – that’s you), and given that she’ll likely ask for the next chapter after that, I might as well finish the whole thing!

Therefore, I’ll be finishing the rest of Ying’s story AND post at least one more (I already have the outline for this one – what’s up with me and outlines?! Yeah, I don’t know) before the end of 2018. The plan is to publish new chapters on Sundays, though it won’t be every Sunday.

4. Avoid posting a book review at all cost
I’m sticking to my New Year’s resolution from last year here. I won’t be posting book reviews on this blog (yes, I can hear all of you gasp in horror and confusion – a book blog WITHOUT book reviews, is that even a thing??), and the main reason for this is that most book bloggers already do it – and they do it so much better than I ever could! No, trust me – I’m really not selling myself short here.

I LOVE to read book reviews, but I find them incredibly boring to write for some reason… I think it has something to do with all the book reviews I had to do at school. And now that I’ve decided to do only one post a week, I’m not spending it on something I don’t enjoy writing. Therefore, no book reviews from me!

10 updated new year's resolutions for a little blue book coffee

5. Get 15 comments on a blog post from 35 different people
Oh, why not? I’m keeping this one too.

Text from old post:
Wait… What? Yes, I would very much like just once within the next year to have one post where I get 15 comments from 35 people, telling me how much they liked/hated/loved/couldn’t be bothered with/needed that particular blog post (constructive criticism only, please) – I’m sure it can be done!

6. Help at least 5.5 people
I’m keeping this one as well. Judging by the comments to some of my blog posts from 2017, I actually helped people! Yeah, who knew, right?! It’s the BEST feeling in the world (next to eating an ice cream on a really hot summer day – not that we get many of those days here in Denmark), so this one is on for 2018 too!

7. Get a least 1 comment about why I never write about ‘50 Shades of Grey’
Hahahaha! I didn’t get a comment last year on why I never write about ’50 Shades of Grey’, but IT IS ON for 2018!

8. Turn the blog into a Narnia portal for bookworms
I like this one too, though the idea is a bit grand. Who knew these last New Year’s resolutions would be so easy to “revise”!

Text from old post:
As most of you probably know, time in Narnia moves very differently from the real world. You can live a whole life in Narnia, only to realise that as soon as you step through to the real world barely any time has passed at all. I want this blog to have the same magical aspect. I want it to be a place where bookworms go to lose themselves for a time in a different world and re-enter the real world with a slightly altered perception of themselves and the people around them. A grand vision, I know. However, I would settle for you guys spending a bit of time reading the posts and getting a smile or two on your lips or having provided you with a new idea for you to try out – and just for a brief moment forget the crazy world we live in.

9. Don’t keep posts with cats to a minimum
Last year I didn’t want to add posts with cats in them because I was trying to be a serious book blogger, but you know what? Life’s too short for serious book blogging! Cat posts for everyone! Yay!

10. Have fun creating and expanding this blog
This one is even more true for me now than it was last year!

Text from old post:
I may have set up a lot of goals for this blog (considering I’ve got a full-time job), but the most important of all for me is to have fun doing this. Without passion and the determination to build this blog, I’m pretty sure it would die a quick and horrifying death. Therefore, I hope you’ll have as much fun reading the posts as I will hopefully have writing them!

10 updated new year's resolutions for a little blue book flying books

As with most New Year’s resolutions, the chance of you achieving your goals is much better if you get support and encouragement from your surroundings. Therefore, I hope you guys will help me make A Little Blue Book as great as possible by commenting on what you like or dislike about it, and what you would like to read more of. So please watch this space for future posts (or social media at TwitterFacebook, and/or Instagram), and let’s make this an amazing book blog!

So what New Year’s resolutions do you have for 2018? Well, besides the obvious ones like reading more books, reading more book blogs, conquering a few inhabitable planets and getting an ice machine. Or maybe you’re not into New Year’s resolutions? That might actually be my New Year’s resolution for 2019: No New Year’s resolutions for 2020!

Ahem, anyways! Let me know what your plans are/aren’t for 2018 in the comments below!

Wow, this turned out to be a ridiculously long blog post. Oh well, here’s a picture of a cat and a book!

10 updated new year's resolutions for a little blue book cat

4 thoughts on “10 updated New Year’s Resolutions for A Little Blue Book

  1. Marion @ overduebookreviews says:

    This sounds lovely, Andrea! I agree that working full time and blogging full-time is too much. I aim for between 1-2 posts a week, one is a review and one is whatever I feel like (ramblings, books recs, seasonably appropriate things, blog tours).

    Congratulations on the job and move and I’m looking forward to what you’ll offer this year.

    Also, CAT POSTS FOR EVERYONE. Everyone likes a nice cat post. Keep them coming!

    • A Little Blue Book says:

      Thanks, Marion! ☺

      It’s good to know that I’m not the only one who won’t be posting every day this year. Cutting back to just one post a week was a big (and scary) step for me, but I think it’s the right decision. ☺

      I can’t wait to see what you’re doing on your blog in 2018! I’m particularly looking forward to the whatever-I-feel-like posts! They sound pretty interesting 😊

      Also, I’m currently brainstorming post ideas that involve books AND cats 😉 2018 is going to be a great year – I can just feel it! 😸

  2. Inge | The Belgian Reviewer says:

    I love cat posts! I also know blogging is time consuming, not to mention commenting and replying to comments.. I sometimes struggle a bit with this as well. I think you made a good decision keeping it stress-free and so you have time for other hobbies. I look forward to a Fifty Shades post this year ;-). Happy reading!!

    • A Little Blue Book says:

      Apparently my biggest blogging mistake in 2017 was to NOT write cat posts! 😂

      I struggled with finding the time to comment on posts and reply to comments too, which made me feel bad because I really wanted to be supportive and encourage other bloggers, but it’s ON for 2018! Comments for everyone! 😂

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