10 New Year’s resolutions for a Bookworm’s first blog

10 New Year's resolutions for a bookworm's first blog

A new year is upon us and for many people around the world, this also brings with it an opportunity to start afresh on some aspects of their lives. Every January sees a hoard of people swearing to lose weight, stop smoking, spend more time with family or do something to generally improve their life.

Instead of joining in on the many common New Year’s resolutions that people seem determined to fulfil before the new year becomes the past one, I have chosen to venture into the vast world of cyberspace, to plant my flag on the surface of my own WordPress site from where I can share my questionable wisdom of the written word. This blog is meant to be a place where people with an interest in books can come together over posts that will hopefully provide knowledge, inspiration, and most importantly, a fun and informal place to meet like-minded people – so please do share and comment on the future posts!

Below I have outlined 10 New Year’s resolutions for this blog, which will also provide you with an indication of what is to come in the next few weeks and months on this site.

1. Start an amazing blog about books
Always make at least some of (if not all) the steps on a to-do list easy to actually do. Otherwise, you might end up not doing the list at all!  I decided to begin nice and easy by “just” starting a blog. It’s fairly straightforward to start a blog, but not nearly so easy to actually make it good (or amazing). Luckily for me, ‘amazing’ is an adjective which is a rather subjective description without any concrete variables to measure it by. Unluckily for me, I’m a bit of a perfectionist who would like to make the best book blog in the universe and beyond! Hopefully, I’ll end up creating a blog which most people, who stumble upon it, will find amazing (or at least not mind-numbingly boring!).

2. Post 3 to 4 times a week
I like a challenge, so I’ve set one for myself that will require quite a lot of me. I’m one of those people who loves to write but do it very slowly – mostly because I procrastinate, which I’m pretty sure is a result of insecurities about the quality of my writing. By setting a fairly high number of blog posts (for me at least – I know there are people out there with a full-time job who can write 10 posts in a day), I hope to force myself not to care too much about EVERY.SINGLE.WORD.IN.EVERY.SINGLE.SENTENCE and just focus on getting ideas through in a clear and consistent way!

3. Post a minimum of 1 story every 2 weeks.
Just to make everything a bit more interesting for me (and you as well), I am aiming to post a short story (or part of one) every two weeks. As mentioned above, I want to improve my writing and a good way of doing that is, of course, through practice. By committing to post a short story every two weeks, I will have to push both my writing skills and myself to do this. So please bear with me as I try to become a better writer.

4. Avoid posting a book review at all cost
I have decided not to post book reviews on this blog. The main reason for this is that there are so many other book bloggers out there who already do it – and they do it so much better than I ever could! I love to read book reviews, but I find them incredibly boring to write for some reason… I think it has something to do with all the book reviews I had to do at school. Therefore, no book reviews from me!

5. Get 15 comments on a blog post from 35 different people
Wait… What? Yes, I would very much like just once within the next year to have one post where I get 15 comments from 35 people, telling me how much they liked/hated/loved/couldn’t be bothered with/needed that particular blog post (constructive criticism only, please) – I’m sure it can be done!

6. Help at least 5.5 people
I like being helpful. I’m sure you do too. However, being a bit of an introvert and shy when meeting new people, being helpful can sometimes be a bit angst-provoking for me. A blog, however, is a nice way of helping people whilst still being within an introvert-friendly environment. You decide how much you want to engage with people, what to post about and therefore what kind of help you can offer them. I aim to make this blog as helpful to other bookworms as possible (though some posts may just be written to give people something to smile about), and if I can help at least 5.5 people (I’ve read somewhere that it’s important to be specific when setting goals), even if it’s just to tell them how to unsubscribe from my newsletter, then I would consider this blog a success!

7. Get a least 1 comment about why I never write about ‘50 Shades of Grey’
The title of the bullet point is pretty self-explanatory.

8. Turn the blog into a Narnia portal for bookworms
As most of you probably know, time in Narnia moves very differently from the real world. You can live a whole life in Narnia, only to realise that as soon as you step through to the real world barely any time has passed at all. I want this blog to have the same magical aspect. I want it to be a place where bookworms go to lose themselves for a time in a different world and re-enter the real world with a slightly altered perception of themselves and the people around them. A grand vision, I know. However, I would settle for you guys spending a bit of time reading the posts and getting a smile or two on your lips or having provided you with a new idea for you to try out – and just for a brief moment forget the crazy world we live in.

9. Keep posts with cats to a minimum
I love cats. I love dogs too. Actually, I love pretty much all animals, but even though the temptation may be strong to add an image of a fluffy and adorable kitten to a post or write about why dogs make the perfect reading companions, this is a blog about books, and I’ll try to keep it that way (though I’m not ruling out that the occasional post featuring cute animals may occur!).

10. Have fun creating and expanding this blog
I may have set up a lot of goals for this blog (considering I’ve got a full-time job), but the most important of all for me is to have fun doing this. Without passion and the determination to build this blog, I’m pretty sure it would die a quick and horrifying death. Therefore, I hope you’ll have as much fun reading the posts as I will hopefully have writing them!

As with most New Year’s resolutions, the chance of you achieving your goals is much higher if you get support and encouragement from your surroundings. Therefore, I hope very much that everyone who stumbles upon this blog will help me make it as great as possible by commenting on what you like or dislike about it, and what you would like to read more about. So please watch this space for future posts (or social media at Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and/or Instagram), and let’s make this an amazing book blog!

To try and get this all started, do let me know which New Year’s resolutions you have dedicated yourself to this year – or if you’re not into New Year’s resolutions, let me know why in the comments below!


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