Summer Weekends: 10 ideas to make your summer more bookish

Summer weekends - 10 ideas to make your summer more bookish

Summer is here! – well, kind of. Even though the calendar has decided that it’s officially fun-in-the-sun time, Denmark didn’t get the memo – as usual. It’s been cold, windy and wet so far, but I’m still hoping that we’ll get the usual three days of summer this year. How Danes are continually rated the happiest people on earth when our summers are so crap is beyond me. I suspect that it’s got something to do with our deep dislike of greasy sunscreen, which most of us need if we don’t want to look – and feel – like a cooked lobster. No summer sun, no greasy sunscreen, no problem!

Anyways, if you’re lucky enough to live somewhere where the weather is great, summer is the perfect time to leave your indoor reading nook and enjoy some bookish activities outside.

Below are 10 ideas to get you started, and if you’ve got some ideas of your own, do share them in the comments! The more fun and bookish summer ideas, the better!   Summer Weekends - 10 ideas to make your summer more bookish

1. Go on a bookish picnic! Gather some friends and spend an afternoon in the park discussing your favourite summer reads whilst you nibble on sandwiches – everyone could bring a book and then do a book swap at the end.

2. Do an outdoor photo shoot with your summer books! Grab your books and take some pictures of them at the beach, the park, your garden or somewhere else. Share them on Instagram, Twitter and/or Facebook with a mini review.

3. Is it raining cats and dogs? Spend the weekend making bookish DIY projects for the great outdoors. What about some beautiful bookish brick art or a personal tote bag for your beach books?

4. Read a play (e.g. Shakespeare) – then go see it at an open-air theatre! It’s worth risking the rain for!

5. Make it your mission to find a hammock and spend a few lazy hours enjoying a good book whilst the soft sounds of nature soothe your soul.

Summer Weekends - 10 ideas to make your summer more bookish

6. Go to a literary festival or an outdoor poetry slam! Have a look around to see if there is anything close to you or consider going to a national or international event.

7. Go on a literary holiday! Want to glide through the canals of Venice in a gondola or have you always wanted to see the busy streets of Delhi? There are a million books where the protagonist goes on holiday – and you can tag along! Granted, it’s not the same as experiencing it first hand, but it’s a lot cheaper AND you can travel the world in a weekend without ever leaving your favourite reading spot!

8. Go hiking (or take a leisurely stroll) and listen to an audiobook whilst you walk. It’s the perfect way to enjoy the summer weather whilst keeping both body and mind happy.

9. Find a tranquil spot and write a poem or a list of book recommendations that’s inspired by summer. Send it to a loved one.

10. Go on a bookish road trip! Make a list of amazing bookshops or libraries that you want to visit – then plan a trip to see them all.

Summer Weekends - 10 ideas to make your summer more bookish

And there you have it! 10 ideas to make your summer weekends more bookish. If you decide to do any (or all!) of these activities, I would love to hear about it! And if you liked the post, please share it with anyone else who might like it too. Thanks!

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